Kardeş Futbolcular | 17 Ünlü Futbolcu Ailesi

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DilDanca [Dansk]
Over the years, we have seen many brothers enjoy successful playing careers like the Phil and Gary Neville, Michael and Brian Laudrup, and even the Bender twins Lars and Sven among the active footballers. Even though one of the brothers garnered more fame than the other in some cases, both siblings are still well known among avid football fans. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes, brothers of famous footballers tend to live in the shadows of the other’s success and fail to make a similar impact. Take for example the case of Tomas Rosicky who gained stardom while playing for Arsenal, but his brother Jiri Rosicky who is also a professional footballer is relatively unknown. Here is a list of 17 famous footballers and their brothers who are also professional footballers, but not as famous as their siblings.